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Einhell PXC 18V Planer Skin - Bare Unit

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Product Brand:   Einhell
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Powerful hand-held planer for jobs with a chip depth of up to 2mm
Large knife shaft for optimum planing results
Automatic park rest protecting the planing knife and workpiece
Solid aluminium soleplates for flat results
Soleplate with 1 V-shaped groove for easy chamfering of edges
Ergonomic handle for working without fatigue
Safe and user-friendly handling due to soft grip
Incl. parallel guide for straight and precise planing results
Incl. rebate depth stop for making recesses with ease
Incl. 1x TCT planing knife for a high surface quality
Recommendation for optimum results: 2.5 Ah Plus battery & higher
Supplied without battery and charger (available separately)